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The LBP-CTTP program is designed to prepare students to become comprehensively certified Pilates Teachers and prepare them for a career in Pilates. It is a unique program in the sense that students will work very closely with LiveBy Pilates teachers and receive hands on training throughout the full length of the course and not just through the time allocated for lectures. Students will have the opportunity to work directly with LiveBy Pilates clients, developing knowledge through observing and assisting teachers whenever possible. The LBP-CTTP program includes a thorough and comprehensive education in the Pilates principles and the fundamental, intermediate and advanced repertoire on the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Ped-a-pul and various auxiliary apparatus.

By completing this program, you will receive a LiveBy Pilates Comprehensive Pilates Teachercertification and be eligible to work as a certified teacher at LiveBy Pilates or choose to start your Pilates career elsewhere. You will also be eligible to take the PMA Pilates Certification Exam.



  • The Pilates movement principles and history

  • Functional Anatomy: The Musculoskeletal system, joints and planes of motion

  • Posture types, assessment and deviations

  • Fundamental, intermediate and advanced Pilates repertoire on the Mat and the various Pilates equipment

  • Exercise modifications and adaptation for the different body types and conditions

  • Pathologies of the Lumbar Spine, Hip, Shoulder, Cervical & Thoracic Spine, Knee, Foot & Ankle.

  • Working with different types of clients: the athlete, the mature client, the client with post rehab needs, children and other

  • Special populations, contraindications and post rehab program design

  • Creating effective and safe client programs per client goals and needs



  • Completion of the LBP-CTTP questionnaire and interview process

  • It is recommended to have previous experience in Pilates or a related form of fitness activity



  • Attendance of all modules (84 hours)

  • 100 hours observations (at least 50 hours observed at LiveBy Pilates Studio*)

  • 200 hours independent practice

  • 200 hours teaching practice (at least 50 hours teaching assistance at LiveBy Pilates Studio*)

  • 70% passing grade for Mid-term, Practical Exam, Teaching Exam and Final Exam

  • All requirements must be completed within one year after completion of the last module

* or a local studio in your area (to be agreed on)



The PMA Study Guide

Pilates Anatomy – Rael Isacowitz & Karen Clippinger

*(not included in tuition fee)



Module 1           Sep 13               1:00-8:00

Module 2           Sep 14                9:00-4:00

Module 3           Sep 15                9:00-4:00


Module 4           Oct 4                1:00-8:00

Module 5           Oct 5                9:00-4:00

Module 6           Oct 6                9:00-4:00


Module 7           Nov 8                1:00-8:00 (includes mid-term)

Module 8           Nov 9                9:00-4:00

Module 9           Nov 10               9:00-4:00


Module 10         Dec 13                1:00-8:00

Module 11         Dec 14                9:00-4:00

Module 12         Dec 15               9:00-4:00 (includes final practical, written exams, and teaching exam if ready)


** Subject to change per enrollment numbers or per group request



Includes $100 non-refundable administration fee – No refunds upon commencement of program.


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